As people increasingly use social media daily and grow accustomed to the habit of using it as research for their buying decisions, most industries are looking at how to better optimize their social media strategy. By updating it and staying current with trends and new platform features, they can continue to be present in the minds of potential clients as well as current ones, who can quickly become repeat clients.

This is true across almost any industry and the legal field is no exception.

After working at the courthouse for 11 years, I clearly saw that most legal practices are largely built on word of mouth referrals. For this reason, lawyers can benefit immensely from the increased exposure on social media platforms.

Here are 3 reasons why lawyers should keep a very active social media presence:

1. Your Potential Clients are Regularly on Social Media (and this is increasing constantly!)

With so many available platforms, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and not know how or where to begin with your Social Media marketing strategy.

One of the basic rules of marketing is to go where your clients are and for lawyers these can generally be narrowed down to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Even with various social media platforms that are growing each day, Facebook still remains the most used.

Twitter is a go-to platform for the latest news which makes it easy for you to share newsworthy information related to your local practice.

LinkedIn affords you the opportunity to network with other professionals who may need your services for themselves, for someone they know or they can quickly refer people in your direction.


2. You Will Stand Out to People Who Grow to Know, Like and Trust You

When the need comes up for the services of a lawyer, most people think of who is most familiar to them or ask others for a recommendation.

Being active on social media allows you to continue being visible to potential clients who will become familiar with what you do and, depending on your content, will decide if they like you and develop trust. This increases the likelihood that they will think of you when someone they know asks if they know of a lawyer, instead of another lawyer whose name they haven’t come across in a while.


3. You Can Better Guide People Through the Legal Process by Educating Them Beforehand

Most clients who come across the legal system, whether it be for divorce proceedings, estate planning or real estate transactions, are unfamiliar with how the process works and can feel quite intimidated.

Social media gives you an option to address common questions that you are repeatedly asked while also being able to clearly explain your role in the process.

Actions such as posting a quick video answering some of these points will prove useful to potential clients, along with their family members, who are seeking representation or assistance through legal proceedings. The more informed your clients are when they begin to work with you, the less time you deal with these repeated questions and can address the case itself.


Social media allows you to regularly be in front of potential clients, stand out when people are asking for a recommendation from others and have the opportunity to begin educating clients on the complex workings of the legal system.

Educating potential and current clients on what you do, what their role is and what to expect on each court date will increase their comfort level. This helps give them the mental space to deal better with the situation at hand, whether it’s a custody case, upsetting civil case or confronting criminal charges.

What challenges are preventing you from having an increasingly active social media presence?