You’ve been thinking of starting your own Facebook group but are unsure of where to start with content creation .

You wonder to yourself if you’re able to manage the extra work or how to organize everything before you begin.

Here are 7 tips that you can do before creating the group so you’re off to a good start, whether you run it by yourself or have others help you administer it.


1. Create a Main Document of Ideas

The first step you’ll want to take is to make a main document where you brainstorm all types of ideas that you have related to your industry. Whether they are tips, short stories or questions to ask your group members, put them all down. You’ll see that as you write your ideas you’ll think of more to add that are related to those. Keep this document handy since you’ll be using it a lot.


2. Keep a Handy List for New Ideas

Keep a list on your phone or a small notebook with you so you can write any new post ideas that come to you at any time. These can then be transferred to your main document so you keep gathering more content ideas.


3. Create the Wording for Your Posts

Now that you have a list of post ideas, start to figure out which ones you want to begin with. Take your top 10 ideas and see if you can divide them up into more points, examples or questions. Once you have around 20-30 different post ideas, start to figure out the exact wording you will include in each post. To save time, it’s best to focus and get this done all at once.


4. Posting Schedule

It’s best to decide on a posting schedule so you can organize what type of posts you’ll be posting each day. For example, on Mondays and Wednesdays you may want to post helpful tips while on Tuesdays, you ask your group members a question to have them share information or their experiences.


5. Create Templates

Create at least 5 templates that you can use for your posts with different images in the background or with borders and/or colours that are related to your brand. Using a free tool like Canva will do the job and you can save these templates so they are ready to be used again. Take your 20-30 different posts that you created and put them on these templates so you  have them ready to post.


6. Create Your Monthly Schedule

Make a schedule of which one you will be posting each day for the first month. You’ll also sometimes want to post other content randomly to engage with your group members but by having these ready, you’ll have at least 1 post ready for each day.


7. Share or Save Other Facebook Posts

As you see Facebook posts that you find relevant to your group, you can either share them as you go or save them in your Facebook account so that you can share them at another time.


It’s best to keep doing this process each month and prepare your posts at least a month ahead of time. You’ll relax knowing you have content ready and focus on promoting your group, approving members and responding to their questions and comments.

That’s about it to get you started! Remember, the more content you have ready, the less overwhelmed you will feel as you start your group and it grows from there.