Hi! I'm Elizabeth


A bit about my journey to online entrepreneurship….

Several years ago, my health went downhill and as I improved I was able to read blogs, watch videos and listen to podcasts (through the convenience of my laptop and cell phone). Through all of this, I saw many entrepreneurs working towards their dream of starting or expanding their business.

I began to see that a lot of entrepreneurs could use support from a Social Media Strategist. They could free their time to concentrate on what they needed to work on to grow their business or work on the parts of their business that they excelled at or enjoyed.

My health issues of dealing with low ferritin (iron stores) helped bring me to the online entrepreneurship world and I decided to take this new path towards helping others with their businesses.

I thrive on having different projects to work on and being challenged by constantly staying up-to date with Social Media trends and updates so I can offer my ever-growing skills to other business owners.

You can visit my Facebook Ads & Funnels Page OR Social Media Strategy/Management Page to see how I can support you as you grow your business.

You can also contact me at info(at)elizabethneumann.ca