Okay, so I did it!

At the end of April, I left my full-time job after working there for 11 years. I decided that this was my time to leave and pursue entrepreneurship on a full-time basis.

It would help my health, give me flexibility to do more since I have been struggling for the past few years with low energy. I would have the time to build a business helping entrepreneurs and achieve my dream of having my own business.

Considering my work experience, education and all of the skills learned through online entrepreneurship training and courses, I knew that I could make this work.


I had been spending time working on getting mentally ready to deal with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

A while ago, I had made a list of reasons why to make the leap and it was larger than my list of why nots, which was all financially based.

Based on these, at the beginning of April I gave a few weeks notice at my job that I would be leaving. It seemed hard to believe at times and it was so busy at work that I didn’t have the time to talk to everyone before my last day.


Of course, there were some moments of fear but I knew that it was the right step to take.

In those moments, I would remind myself of the whys on my list, imagine what I can now accomplish and remember all of the online opportunities that I’ve been seeing.

We’ve taken steps to minimize the financial risk such as we are currently selling our 2nd car to save on insurance and future maintenance and repair costs.  It’ll be an adjustment after having my own car for half of my life but I’ll be mostly home during the days while my husband is at work. We can share the car the rest of the time or I can take the bus or get rides.

We also have been putting our focus on selling and donating things that we aren’t using at the moment to put more money aside as well as help us de-clutter.


What surprised me the most were that people’s reactions were better than I expected.

I figured it would be 50/50 but it ended up being more like 90/10 with people understanding me taking this chance and how working from home would help my health. They also saw that I had a plan in place and that I knew what I was doing.

I quickly learned how to summarize my plan without going into too much detail unless the person had more questions. Since I can talk about online business forever, I paid attention to each person’s limit on how many details they were interested in. I also had people tell me their dreams which I LOVE hearing about.


I know I’m facing an exciting time in my life which will better support me while I continue to be challenged expanding my skills further.

If you are thinking about leaving your job to pursue another path or entrepreneurship, do you have your steps figured out?

If you have already left your job, how long did it take you before you did?