Owning my own business has been a goal of mine for as long as I remember.

It appealed to me since I always like having several things to work on … all at the same time. I continued working on other goals and had the idea of having my own business in the back of my mind.


I didn’t think that the path that would eventually take me to being an entrepreneur was going to be so bumpy.

 A few years, my health declined and I ended up having to rest at home a lot experiencing fatigue, weakness and constant headaches from having low ferritin (iron stores). As I improved, I was able to be on my cell phone or laptop for periods at a time while still resting.

I came across personal finance blogs as I was looking for tips to save money.  There seemed to be sooo many.

As I started to regularly read them, I noticed that many of the bloggers were increasing their side income and in some cases were leaving their regular jobs to work on their business!


As I explored more, I saw the opportunity to learn more about creating an online business.

I came across podcasts and starting listening to them while driving or relaxing at home. I started to read more business related books about marketing, productivity, accounting and creating a strong mindset. I enjoyed them all!

I realized that if I built my own online business, I could work from home allowing me to work around the ups and downs of my health and rest as needed. It could mean no more pushing myself physically to get through the day at a regular job when I wasn’t feeling well.

I had many different business ideas and had to narrow them down. I added any idea that I had to the growing list on my phone.

As I felt well enough to do more, I enrolled in my first online group coaching program and received an exciting intro to the online entrepreneurship world.


It was quite overwhelming at times but I felt very enthusiastic as I learned about all the different aspects of owning and promoting an online business. 

I joined numerous Facebook groups that centered on online business and started seeing how many people were at various stages of their own business journey. I learned about the growing need that many business owners have for Virtual Assistants (VA) to help them as they grow their business.

I knew that with all that I had been learning, I could assist other business owners to have more time to focus on the tasks that were most important to them or that they loved working on.


I immersed myself more in this new-to-me online business world. 

I learned about Facebook marketing strategies, using tools such as PicMonkey to create images and began to understand the email strategies that are used to communicate with potential clients. I then learned more about creating my own site on WordPress, strategies for Facebook ads and optimal business organization. I am continuously learning each day and loving it.

I came across Gina Horkey’s course about Freelance Writing Success and her other course about Virtual Assistant Success and immediately knew that I wanted to join them. Both courses are invaluable to me as I expanded my skills further and had her support along the way.

With these skills, plus my 20+ years of working experience, plus my education, I knew I was ready to start so I created this site and began offering my Virtual Assistant and Writing Services.


My plan is to leave my full time job sometime in the near future so I can work online full time

Even though I have now gone down the bumpy road towards having my own business, I know that I want to continue on it to make my dream of working from home with entrepreneurs all over the world and being able to support my health in a better way come true.

As I make this transition towards the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, I will continue to share what it’s like to leave my full time job and concentrate on growing my Virtual Assistant and Writing Services business!