Imagine Your Tech Automation Being Fully Taken Care of...

… so you can focus on serving your clients and audience

I’ve seen the difference when my clients have someone who gets both the strategy and plan behind their tech & automation, has the expertise to set it up quickly and understands the importance of minimizing tech fails.

My clients can:

Focus on efficient action over spending time figuring out how to integrate the tech

Feel relaxed and at ease with their tech automation all set up

Stop feeling over all the place and overwhelmed with all the tech

Have their tech and automation done ahead of time so they can start promoting

Serve their audience without worrying about their team not having time to figure out the tech

See their team working on the parts of the business that they do well

Be confident that their tech is well set up minimizing tech fails

Meet Me

In 2016, I made the leap from my full-time role as a Court Clerk and joined the world of online business. Since then, I’ve been working behind the scenes with successful 6 & 7 Figure Online Coaches & Course creators. In my various roles, I have supported clients and their teams as a Tech Manager, Launch Manager, Project Manager, Director of Operations, and as a Tech Advisor in my client’s coaching program.

Through this time, I discovered my true Superpowers : Funnel Strategy & Online Tech Automation Set Up.

I’ve worked with my clients by strategizing & creating funnel plans, setting up & integrating their tech automation and managing their teams during 5 and 6 figure launches. I’ve also conducted tech audits and through my recommendation of tech tools, my clients have not only streamlined their processes, they also have saved on their expenses.

Through my on-going training and hands-on experience, I use my tech tool and automation expertise to build out the tech required for launches and other steps along the customer journey.

I’m certified via the following programs:

  • FG Society Master Marketer (Julie Chenell & Cathy Olson)
  • Launch Manager (Tasha Booth)
  • Director of Operations (Natalie Gingrich)

I’m a lifelong learner and strive to stay on top of the latest knowledge and skills in digital marketing and tech automation for the online business world.


years of online business experience


clients supported throughout


years of tech coaching experience

More about me...


My Core Values

Authenticity, Encouragement, Education, Expertise, Freedom, Inclusivity, Positivity, Respectfulness


What I'm Not About

Using words like ‘GirlBoss’ and anything that diminishes the value of someone else


What I truly believe in

The importance of being a lifelong learner and continuously upgrading our knowledge and skills in the areas that upgrade our lives and interest us. I focus specifically on well-being, mindset, digital marketing and tech automation. My husband and I focus largely on creating a fulfilling life based around our individual/joint goals and desire the same for others.


Fun Fact

I’m interested in travelling almost anywhere and always love listening to other people’s travel stories. My background is Colombian and it’s my favourite place to go to see my many relatives, experience my lively culture and take time to relax. One of my goals is to visit all of the Latin American countries. So far I have 7, so I have many more to go!




Tech & Automation


With my Assemble, Assess & Analyze Framework, your Tech and Automations will be set up, tested and working so they’re ready to use in your business right away

▪️ Pre-VIP Day Strategy & Planning Call
▪️ Tech & Automation
Set Up
▪️ Tech & Automation Testing & Optimization

Get a personalized strategic plan for your tech & automation set up!

The fastest way to get your tech set up and tested done-for-you in just 1 day

Join us to finally build your Lead Magnet Funnel in this done-with-you, small group

“I kept delaying the project for months and at some point I realized I was just not going to take the time to transfer things over, but I had no idea who could help me with a project like this, because it not only involves just ThriveCart and Teachable, but also ActiveCampaign and Google Drive and Loom and that seemed like a lot of software. Like it seemed like a lot to find someone who would know how to do all this.

And that’s when Elizabeth came into my life and I am so glad she did. She’s not only knowledgeable of all the software that I needed, but she’s also super organized. She took the project from the beginning, streamlined the whole process and she got it all done.”

~ Sara Obando